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23 December 2015
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 1Welcome to the official blog for Ceramicfiber.com!  This blog will inform you on the latest ceramic fiber insulation products and materials on the market, as well as highlight various products that we offer.  To get to know us a little better and what we do in the industrial heat industry, here is some information about the company.

Since 1999, CeramSource continues to be a unique supplier of high quality, refractory, fiber insulation, and graphite products.  CeramSource offers many high quality products and the finest services all at an affordable cost. We continue to maintain our reputation for consistency and quality of the various products we offer.  At CeramSource, we exhibit and supply our products to foundry, chemical, iron and steel, aluminum, copper, heat treatment, ceramic, and power plant industries.

CeramSource offers hundreds of standard warehouse items and maintains excellence in custom-designed products and projects to fit the specific needs of each customer. We execute efficiency, and optimization for the thermal processing sector.  With direct manufacturing behind us, we are able to provide customers with effective solutions, from general concerns to specific requirements in a cost effective manner.

Visit our websites today at ceramicfiber.com and ceramsource.com for our online inventory of ceramic insulation products and materials.

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