Insulating Fire Brick (IFB)

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Insulating Fire Bricks

CeramSource, Inc., top ceramic fiber insulation suppliers, provides a complete range of insulating fire brick (IFB) that offers unsurpassed performance and value for a wide variety of industries and applications. Different grades of insulating fire bricks are manufactured according to international standards, and are suitable to operate in various temperatures and atmospheres up to 3000º F.

Features of Insulating Fire Brick (IFB):

  • Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • High compressive strength
  • Every brick ground to precise dimensions
  • Very low levels of iron and other impurities
  • Lightweight and energy-efficient
  • Lower heat storage than denser refractories
  • Heats quickly and economically to operating temperature
  • Cools fast to speed periodic operations

Our insulating fire brick can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is made to withstand high temperatures and has low thermal conductivity. When using insulating fire brick in industrial purposes, you may require porosity or thermal conductivity in order to meet a certain requirement. This can be adjusted by adding or changing the volume of refractory materials.

Some uses for our insulating fire brick:

  • Lining Kilns
  • Insulating Ovens
  • Insulating Furnaces
  • Fireplaces
  • Fireboxes

Temperature Range:

  • IN-23: Maximum service temperature of 1260 °C (2300 °F)
  • IN-26: Maximum service temperature of 1427 °C (2600 °F)
  • IN-28: Maximum service temperature of 1538 °C (2800 °F)
  • IN-30: Maximum service temperature of 1649 °C (3000 °F)

IFB data


Above data of insulating fire brick (IFB) is an average result of test conducted under standard procedures and are subject to variation. Results should not be used for specification purposes.

Note: A material safety data sheet is available upon request.

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