Ceramic Fiber Millboard

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Ceramic Fiber Millboard

At CeramSource Inc., we are proud to be a leading ceramic fiber insulation suppliers company. We carry only the best high temperature ceramic insulation products for your needs. Our ceramic fiber millboards are ideal for gasketing applications, refractory backup insulation, parting media, expansion joints, appliance insulation, and molten metal contact because of its high density and compressive resistance. It is made up of a variety of ceramic fibers, clay, insert fillers and organic/ inorganic binders for ideal strength. Our high quality ceramic fiber millboards vary in thickness options so you can choose from 1.5mm to 6mm. This ceramic fiber insulation is perfect for continuous service temperatures up to 1900°F but should not be used directly on a flame. Some ways you can use our superior high temperature ceramic insulation are with furnaces, ovens, ducts, utility boilers, kilns, dryers, and tanks.  These ceramic fiber millboards are extremely insulation efficient and are high performance for any of your insulation needs. Not sure which is the best ceramic fiber insulation product to use for your project? Call our professional ceramic fiber insulation suppliers today at (855) 255-8210 for questions and concerns!


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Typical Applications:

  • – High temperature insulation gaskets
  • – Refractory backup insulation
  • – Thermal and flame barriers
  • – Parting media
  • – Expansion Joints
  • – Appliance insulation
  • – Personal and fire protection
  • – Molten metal contact
  • – Asbestos replacement
Typical Features:

  • – Thin, dense, durable insulating gasket board
  • – High temperature insulation gasket board
  • – Excellent compressive strength
  • – Easily fabricated and die-cut
  • – Excellent back-up high temperature insulation
  • – Asbestos replacement millboard
  • – Large sheet sizes
  • – Close thickness and dimensional tolerances
  • – Good thermal stability

Ceramic Fiber Millboard


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