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Ceramic Fiber (TaoFibre®Insulation Products


Welcome to CeramSource, Inc. (formerly known as InterSource USA, Inc.)

Since 1999, CeramSource Inc. has been the supplier of TaoFibre refractory ceramic fiber insulation products for industrial high temperature insulation applications.  Our products at Ceramicfiber.com and CeramicFiberOnline.com can be used for thermal protection in a great variety of high temperature industries, such as iron and steel, aluminum, copper, refinery, glass making, cement, industrial furnaces, etc.

TaoFibre ceramic fiber insulation exhibits high temperature stability for continuous use at temperatures up to 1430°C (2600°F). All of our TaoFibre products are characterized by low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance.

TaoFibre ceramic fiber insulation product line is available in following forms:

ceramic fiber blanket+

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Board+

Ceramic Fiber Board


Ceramic Fiber Paper


Ceramic Fiber Textiles


Ceramic Fiber Rope and Braid

Ceramic Fiber Cloth, Ceramic Fiber Tape and Ceramic Fiber Sleeving+

Cloth, Tape and Sleeving

Ceramic Fiber Millboard+

Ceramic Fiber Millboard

Ceramic Fiber Module+

Ceramic Fiber Module


Expandable Ceramic Fiber Paper

Silica Blanket+

Silica Blanket

Silica Cloth+

Silica Cloth

Fiberglass Products+

Fiberglass Products

Insulating Firebrick+

Insulating Firebrick

Mineral Wool Board+

Mineral Wool Board

TaoFibre ceramic fiber product family:
  • Ceramic Fiber Module
  • Expandable Ceramic Fiber Paper
  • Silica Blanket
  • Silica Cloth
  • Fiberglass Products
  • Insulating Firebrick
  • Mineral Wood Board
www.ceramicfiberonline.com is your one-stop shop for a complete line of ceramic fiber products of all standard sizes. Each product can be purchased economically in our standard packages.   Most orders can be processed and shipped the same day.  Please visit our main company website www.ceramsource.com for all of our related product lines.