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10 November 2016
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Although the general public is largely unfamiliar with them, firebricks have a wide range of applications. Commonly known as “refractory bricks,” firebricks can be found in a large number of homes and businesses. Both homeowners and entrepreneurs would be wise to familiarize themselves with the ways in which high-quality firebricks can benefit their financial bottom line. Below are some of the most popular firebrick applications.

Fireplace Construction

As their name implies, firebricks are commonly used in the construction of residential fireplaces. In fact, most companies that specialize in fireplace construction swear by them. By adorning the walls of a fireplace with firebricks, a fireplace maker can effectively prevent the surrounding area from incurring heat damage. In the interest of keeping your home and loved ones safe from fire, consider investing in a firebrick-based fireplace.

Insulation and Lining

Because of their knack for heat retention, it’s only natural to use insulating firebrick to line and/or insulate wood-fire heaters and furnaces of all sizes. Firebricks are particularly common fixtures in blast furnaces due to their enviably low levels of thermal conductivity. This enables firebricks to insulate heat, effectively making furnaces hotter while shielding the surrounding areas from heat damage. If increased furnace efficiency is what you’re after, look no further than firebricks.

Kiln Construction

Many artists and DIY pottery businesses benefit from firebricks. After all, you can’t have a functional kiln without reliable firebricks. Whereas some kilns are composed entirely of firebricks, others feature firebrick-based outer layers. Since extremely high temperatures are needed to make clay non-porous, it should come as no surprise that firebricks are crucial to their makeup.

While they may not be the most widely-known refractory ceramics, firebricks serve a plethora of important purposes. Whether you’re interested in overhauling your home’s fireplace, insulating a wood-fire heater or furnace, or building a kiln, firebricks can prove integral to accomplishing your goal.

3 responses on “Popular Uses for Firebricks

  1. Rosa says:

    Cool blog! Firebricks can be widely used in all kinds of furnace for resisting high temperature erosion. BUt there are many tyoes of refractory bricks such as silica bricks, fireclay bricks, high alumina brick, carbon brick, the different firebricks are used for different position according to different chemical and mineral component.

  2. Nova says:

    I am always confused on how to choose the suitable firebricks for furnace application. Your post is very helpful. Yes, firebricks have many types as a kind of refractory materials for furnace. But want to built a great project, it is very important to use the right bricks for the right position.

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