Mortar Materials for Your High Temperature Ceramic Insulation - Ceramic Fiber

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20 July 2016
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ceramic firebrickA high quality mortar is important for your high temperature ceramic insulation projects because it fills joints, bonds bricks together, and serves as protection against slag and other fluxes.  When selecting a mortar for your project, you will want to consider the following:

  • It must meet certain conditions when you are using it and this may mean you need to adjust the balance of properties. An efficient mortar must have properties that consider the economy and convenience in laying when mixed to either dipping or troweling consistency.
  • The mortar you choose should not shrink or grown significantly after it dries or if it is heated up. It also should not change too much in its consistency if exposed to intense heat.
  • The thermal expansion of the mortar should measure equally to the brick or other material you are binding. If it grows bigger than the material, the bond can be affected and also cause any coatings on the surface to crack, peel, or break.
  • Depending on what you are using the mortar for, sometimes a strong joint capability is needed for your mortar.

At Ceram Source, we pride ourselves in selling only superior quality ceramic firebrick, ceramic fiber textiles, ceramic fiber blankets, and more.  For more assistance on purchasing and installing our high temperature ceramic insulation products, give us a call at (732)257-5002.

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