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9 September 2016
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fiery furnaceIf you are working on a project that requires high temperature ceramic insulation, you might want to consider utilizing a high quality insulating firebrick. To learn more about insulating firebricks, please read on.

Insulating Firebrick

Insulating firebricks are made with a multitude of oxides, some of the more common ones being fireclay or silica. A reason many people use insulating firebrick is because of the low weight and low thermal conductivity that they feature. The reason is because the brick has a high degree of porosity from the manufacturing process. Typically, during the manufacturing process, a fine organic material is added to the mix. During the firing process, the fine organic material burns out and creates an internal porosity within the insulating firebrick.

Another way the high porosity is created is through the process of adding in a foaming agent. With this process, the insulating firebrick can be casted instead of dry pressed. No matter the process, insulating firebricks are known for having lower thermal conductivity and lower heat capacity than other refractory products.

Use for Insulating Firebrick

You can use insulating firebrick for a form of backup for high temperature ceramic insulation. However, you can also use it as working linings for furnaces.


For more information on our insulating firebrick and other high temperature ceramic insulation, please refer to our blog often!

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