Mineral Wool Board

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Mineral Wool Board

TaoFibre mineral wool board (Block-19) is a high-temperature insulation board, which is made from mineral fiber and organic binder. Our mineral wool board has characteristics of excellent insulation efficiency and good strength for various high-temperature applications, such as precipitators, dryers, ducts and breeching, utility boilers, furnaces, kilns, etc. The material is ideal for refractory backup insulation behind insulating firebrick and other refractory linings.

TaoFibre Block-19 can be used at different service temperatures up to a maximum of 1900°F on the hot surface of the enclosed panel. This board is not to be subjected to direct touch with flame as a hot face refractory material.

Note: There could be smoke generated when the binder in the fiberboard is burnt above approximately 500°F but the smoke will disperse soon after. To limit such smoke generation in initial start-up performance, heat rise should be controlled at about 20°F per minute to allow the binder to dissipate. The ignition loss of binder in the first start-up operation will not adversely affect the insulation value.

Typical Applications

Mineral wool board can be used to insulate plant equipment such as boilers, furnaces, ovens, ducts, precipitators, tanks and other high-temperature insulation applications operating at continuous service temperatures up to 1900°F.

Typical Sizes Available

1″, 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″, and 3“

12″ x 36″

(other sizes available by request)


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