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4 October 2016
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furnaceBasic refractories are a form of high temperature ceramic insulation that are resistant to corrosive reactions with basic chemical slags, dusts, and fumes at high temperatures. With growing technology and developments in the high temperature ceramic insulation field, there are basic refractories that can resist acidic slags as well. Basic refractories are made up of the following raw materials:

-dead-burned and fused magnesites

-dead-burned dolomite

-chrome ore



However, there are new additives that create stronger and more heat resistant materials. Some of these additives are:



-powdered aluminum



As a result of these new combinations, some of the following basic refractories have been created:

Magnesite Brick

This high temperature ceramic insulation is made with dead-burned magnesite and can be used in glass tank checkers, arc furnaces as the brick for electric, and more. Magnesite brick is also used to control the flow of liquid steel in constant casting systems such as a slide gate refractory or as a nozzle.

Magnesite-Chrome and Chrome-Magnesite Brick

In the early 1930’s, high temperature ceramic insulation manufacturers combined chrome ore and dead-burned magnesite. This combination increased the refractory capabilities in spinel materials. Chrome-magnesite refractories and magnesite-chrome refractories have better durability against high heat and a great load resistance against these high temperatures.

Direct- Bonded Magnesite-Chrome Brick

Direct- bonded is when there is a direct attachment of magnesia to chrome without silicate. This process is done by combining high purity chrome ores and magnesites and firing them at elevated temperatures. A direct-bonded refractory has great durability in high temperatures, greater slag resistance, and higher resistance against “peel spalling” compared to silicate-bonded bricks.

For more types of basic refractories, please refer to our next blog!

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