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30 May 2016
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ceramic firebrickCeramic firebrick is great to use for form insulating furnaces, boilers, kilns, and other high temperature vessels. To apply or cement together the ceramic firebrick, it is best to use refractory mortar.

Types of Refractory Mortar

  • Non-water soluble refractory mortar: This type of refractory mortar is made by aggregates and binders that are also high temperature resistant being blended together. The texture workability is equivalent to regular mortar mix and its suggested use is for joint thickness that is more than 1/8”. This mortar should be used for outdoor applications or situations that require a more water or moisture resistant mortar.
  • Premixed refractory mortar: This mortar is made with a blend of clays, aggregates, and liquid silicate. It is preferred because it is ready to use after a quick stir. Using this type of mortar expedites projects because of its quick and easy application. It also sets and dries quickly making a fast completion. Since it is water soluble, it also makes for quick cleanup or easy correcting. If you mess up, it is very simple to take a wet cloth to wipe up any excess mortar.


While both types of refractory mortar dry quickly, it is suggested to wait overnight for everything to set for actual use.



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