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2 June 2016
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Ceramic Firebrick and Petrochemicals Industry

Ceramic firebrick is great for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is most effective when used in lining kilns, furnaces, fireplaces, ovens, and fireboxes. The reason is because it can sustain excessive heat without melting or fusing together. Some materials used in ceramic firebrick are: Silica Hydrated aluminum silicates Sand and quartzite Bauxite Kyanite Disapore […]

23 December 2015
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Welcome to Ceramicfiber.com’s Official Blog!

 Welcome to the official blog for Ceramicfiber.com!  This blog will inform you on the latest ceramic fiber insulation products and materials on the market, as well as highlight various products that we offer.  To get to know us a little better and what we do in the industrial heat industry, here is some information about […]