Silica Cloth

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Silica cloth is effective in applications such as welding screens, personal protection shields, equipment protection, and stress relieving pads.

This material has been specifically designed to provide user with a cost-effective material for commercial and consumable welding applications. The high silica content in the material is resistant to most chemicals and elements within the 1800 F temperature range. The material’s low chloride content makes them suitable for welding stainless steels and ensures against chloride contamination.

Abrasion resistance coating available for added durability. This product is also available with a high performance pressure sensitive adhesive. Adhesive temperature resistance: 300 F. Adhesive is only used to aid the installation process. After the material is in place, it is usually mechanically bonded so that the adhesive is no longer necessary.

Silica Cloth – Typical Applications

  • – Welding & Burning Safety Blankets & Curtains
  • – Stress Relieving Insulation
  • – Controlled Cool Down Blankets
  • – Furnace High Temperature Insulation
  • – Furnace Curtains
  • – Expansion Joints
  • – Flange & Valve Covers
  • – High Temperature Composites
  • – Thermocouple Insulation