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11 July 2016
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ceramic firebrickSpalling is when there is loss of fragments or spalls in a refractory substance due to cracking or flaking. It can affect the aesthetic of your refractory materials however, if you do not fix it, you can face more serious consequences. Over time, the cosmetic damage can lead to structural decay which results in a potentially hazardous or expensive issue that you need to deal with. Spalling can occur because of excess water exposure, excess temperatures, and most importantly, poor installation.

There are many ways to prevent spalling from occurring. Some ways are as follows:

  • Adding in more Spall inhibitors
  • Correctly designing the shape of the bricks
  • Properly choosing grains by considering the size, type, and quality of manufacturing
  • Proper construction, design, and operating of the furnace

Spalling occurs because of poor

There are three different types of spalling in refractory materials. They can be broken up in the following:

  • Thermal Spalling
  • Mechanical Spalling
  • Structural Spalling

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