Insulating a Wood Oven with Ceramic Fiber Blanket (Part Two) - Ceramic Fiber

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24 February 2016
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2As we talked about in our last blog post, Ceramic Fiber blanket is great for using with high temp insulation of wooden ovens. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Increase efficiency: By insulating your wood oven with Ceramic Fiber blanket, you increase the efficiency of the heating capability. Ceramic Fiber blanket allows the oven to heat quicker and also retains the heat longer. This way you get more use out of your oven and save time and money waiting to heat up the oven.
  2. Covers cracks: If the wall of your oven cracks at all, the Ceramic Fiber not only covers the mark but it also still keeps the heat in.
  3. Outer layer stays cool: When you use Ceramic Fiber Blanket, the heat is retained within the oven. This prevents the outside of the oven being too hot to touch.
  4. Quick: Ceramic Fiber blanket is considerably faster to apply and install versus other modes of high temp insulation.

It is important to note that whenever handling Ceramic Fiber blanket, to always use gloves and face masks.


Need help with what high temp insulation is best to use for your project? Our professional staff is happy to answer your questions on our Ceramic Fiber blanket or any other thermal insulation material products we carry. Visit or call us at (732)257-5008.

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