Insulating a Pizza Oven with Ceramic Fiber Blanket (Part One) - Ceramic Fiber

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12 February 2016
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1Ceramic Fiber blanket is a great refractory heat insulator and can be utilized for many different projects. One great way to use it for high temp insulation is for ovens, such as a pizza one. Ceramic Fiber blanket comes in 3 grades:


  • 2300°F HP Grade- 6 LBS Density
  • 2300°F HP Grade- 8 LBS Density
  • 2600°F Zirconia Grade- 8 LBS Density


For a wood oven, you can use a lower grade but higher grades are often used for high temp stoneware. The Ceramic Fiber blanket will typically be applied around the walls and top of the oven. There is no need to put anything heavy on top of the Ceramic Fiber blanket. It is always important to remember to wear gloves and wear a respiratory mask when installing Ceramic Fiber blanket.


By using Ceramic Fiber blanket insulation, the oven being insulated will heat up quicker and retain heat longer. It is important to try to keep the Ceramic Fiber blanket hidden or protected from any humid, wet, or dusty conditions. However, Ceramic Fiber TaoFibre blanket completely retains its thermal properties when dried. Despite this, it is ideal to avoid having to worry about it becoming moist.


For any questions on Ceramic Fiber blanket installation and uses, contact our licensed staff at We are more than happy to help you with your high temp insulation needs.

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