Twisted Fiberglass Rope

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CeramSource twisted fiberglass rope is a soft and resilient fiber with a thermal insulation property. It can resist high temperature up to 550ºC. It has excellent features of low thermal conductivity, electric insulation, and corrosive resistance.


CeramSource twisted fiberglass rope has a minimal amount of surface dressing that is required to assist in processing, this is usually organic i.e. starch or silage and will disappear at temperatures above 200°C. Fiberglass material is suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 550°C in exhaust applications. However, tensile strength continues to reduce noticeably as temperature increases over 480°C.

CeramSource fiberglass ropes are resistant to oils, solvents and most chemicals, although contact with hydrofluoric acides, strong alkalis and live steam should be avoided.

Color: White
Thermal conductivity: Thermal 0.78 w/mK 300 ºC mean
Loss on Ignition: <12%

Material Content:

SiO2   54.1%    AI2O3  15.3%
CaO    17.3%    MgO       4.7%
Na2O   0.6%   B2O3      8.0%

  • – High temperature pipes insulation and sealing
  • – Lining for electric wire and cable insulation
  • – Thermal insulation for coke furnace and cracking ovens
  • – Door seals for electric stoves and ovens
  • – Seal for boiler and high temperature gas-tight parts
  • – Flexible expansion joint
  • – For Refinery Industries

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Note: A material safety data sheet is available upon request.

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