Fiberglass Materials

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At Ceramic Fiber, we pride ourselves in being one of the best ceramic fiber insulation suppliers and offer top quality high temperature ceramic insulation. All of our high temperature fiberglass insulation can be used for industrial, residential, and commercial applications.

Twisted Rope, Ceramic Fiberglass Round Packing, and Ceramic Fiberglass Square Packing

  • High temperature pipes insulation and sealing
  • Lining for electric wire and cable insulation
  • Thermal insulation for coke furnace and cracking ovens
  • Door seals for electric stoves and ovens
  • Seal for boiler and high temperature gas-tight parts
  • Flexible expansion joint

Ceramic Fiberglass Needlemat

CeramSource fiberglass needlemat is specifically developed for use in vehicle exhaust silencer applications. This ceramic fiberglass is made with 9 micron filament E-Glass fibers that are specially carded to produce a high volume batt.  After this step, it is mechanically needled to bond the fibers, which results in a dimensionally stable mat or felt. Once all the steps are finished, the ceramic fiberglass possesses excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties without any chemical binder.

The mechanical bonding system secures the individual fibers thus eliminating fiber loss via the perforated tubes. CeramSource needlemat can be supplied pre-rolled as packs on cardboard mandrels; fiberglass packs are wrapped in Polythene sleeves for ease of handling and to reduce any irritation from the glass fiber. We also offer a complete cutting and die-cutting service for more complex shapes.

Properties of Ceramic Fiberglass Needlemat

Fiberglass fibers have a minimal amount of surface dressing that is required to assist in processing, this is usually organic i.e. starch or silage and will disappear at temperatures above 200°C. Ceramic fiberglass needlemats are suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 550°C higher in exhaust applications. However, tensile strength continues to reduce noticeably as temperatures increase above 400°C.

Ceramic Fiberglass Tape

  • For industrial thermal insulation
  • Pipe and electrical cable lining
  • Thermal wrapping for exhaust pipes
  • Flange jointing with bolts (ladder tape)
  • Shielding against heat radiation
  • High temperature oven door curtain

For any questions on our high temperature fiberglass insulation products, call us at (732)257-5002 or toll free at (800)608-5828


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