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29 October 2016
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ceramic firebrickIn our last blog, we discussed some of the different types of basic refractories. Read on for more options for your high temperature ceramic insulation needs!

Chrome- Magnesite Brick

This type of refractory is made with either direct-bonded or silicate-bonded methods. If you plan to use chrome-magnesite brick, it is best to use the direct-bonded types.

Chemically- Bonded Magnesite Chrome and Chrome-Magnesite Brick

A lot of magnesite-chrome bricks are created by using chemical bonding instead of burning. However, it is important to note that the chemically-bonded bricks do not have the high durability against elevated temperatures, load resistance, or slag resistance that the burned bricks do. Chemically-bonded refractories are great for lower cost compositions. You can use them in steel casing because the brick can create a tight fit between the steel and brick.

Fused Magnesite-Chrome Grain Brick

Magnesite-chrome infused grain brick was created to improved slag resistance. It is made through the process of melting deadburned magnesite and chrome ore in an electrical arc furnace. The melted product is then poured into ingots, cooled, then crushed into grain. The grain is then made into bricks. This material features very low porosity and inert to chemicals. This brick tends to shrink under contact with high heat which makes it have lower porosity and greater slag resistance compared to direct-bonded magnesite chrome brick.

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