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At CeramSource, our top quality high-temperature ceramic insulation products are guaranteed to satisfy your insulation needs. For gaskets, seals, furnace and welding curtains, or pipe wrapping; use TaoFibre® ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber tape, and ceramic fiber sleeving.  These flexible fabrics are made with alumina-silica ceramic fiber and are free of asbestos.  Insert materials of inconel wire and fiberglass filament are incorporated into the yarn to increase tensile strength of the fabrics before and after exposure to heat.



– Gasket and wrapping material

– Pipe hanger insulation

– Welding curtains and blankets

– Fuel line insulation

– Furnaces heat zone separators

– Exhaust hood curtains

– Cable and wire insulation

– Induction heating furnace coil insulation

– Infrared radiating diffusers

– High pressure steam portable flange covers


These ceramic fiber insulation materials can be used with temperatures up to 2300 °F and are extremely resistant to thermal shock and corrosion attack. Our ceramic fiber also have excellent chemical stability except with hydrofluoric or phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis. They resist oxidation and reduction well and if they get wet, the thermal properties are restored once they are dried.


TaoFibre® Chemical Composition


Ceramic Fiber Cloth, Ceramic Fiber Tape and Ceramic Fiber Sleeving Specifications


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