Bio Soluble Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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If you need industrial high temp insulation, the best option is to use bio soluble ceramic fiber insulation. More specifically, if you require insulation with health benefits to it’s user for low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock, then you will want to use a bio soluble ceramic fiber blanket.  TaoFiber Bio Soluble fiber blanket is a body soluble fiber that utilizes a unique spinning technology to create a special fiber with superior thermal and mechanical properties. This special fiber is made from a blend of calcium, silica and magnesium.

This type of fiber does not have any hazard classification due to its low bio-persistence and bio-degradability. It is resistant to high temperatures reaching 1100ºC/ 2012ºF.







TaoFibre® Bio Soluble Ceramic Fiber Blanket – Typical Applications

High-Purity grade: service temperature 2012 °F
Standard Densities: 8 Ibs./cu. ft. (128 kg/m3)
Standard Thicknesses: 1″
Standard Widths: 24″
Standard Packaging: Cartons
Standard Pallet Quantity: 16 boxes


low hazard classification
sound damping properties
safe to use
good thermal insulation


fire protection
boiler and incinerator linings
industrial furnaces
nuclear power thermal insulation